Thank you so much for your interest in Samba and Capoeira with the NC Brazilian Arts Project.

Our prices vary on what kind of experience you are looking for. We ordinarily charge $150 per performer. However, for a performance exceeding 1.5 hours we charge at least $200 per performer. Depending on how many performers you want and how long you would like for us to perform, we can negotiate a price. 

 Here are some sample packages, (you can add/take away as many performers as you want, provided that we have them available). 

2 Samba Dancers with a choreographed piece including a mini-samba lesson and audience participation : $300.00

2 Samba Dancers with live Samba percussion music*, mini-samba lesson, audience participation and choreographed dance piece (to recorded music): $775.00

2 Samba dancers and 3 Capoeiristas with recorded music and some live Capoeira music. The presentation would include a mini Samba/Capoeira lesson and demonstration as well as a choreographed Samba piece. $775.00

2 Samba Dancers with live Samba percussion music/live Capoeira music* and 2 Capoeiristas including a mini-samba and capoeira lesson and audience participation: $1050.00

* The live Samba music requires at least 3 drummers for the sound to be appropriate, which is why the price bumps up.

**We need at least 2 Capoeiristas so that they can demonstrate how Capoeira is done and at least three musicians to play the instruments required of Capoeira.

We can always negotiate prices depending on circumstances. We can also custom create a performance package for you, the above described packages are just to give you an idea. 

(Please fill out as complete as possible, thank you)